Monday, September 8, 2008

Dare-ya-palozza... top 10 way to waste dairy products

Dare-ya-palozza (or any way to spell it... with double "s" or one "z" it is up to you)

Few people will get the fact that we are using it as DAIRY-palozza as in Cow... as in Dairy products... oh yeah it is a grand thing.. it may be "utter"ly-disgusting or it may be milk-a-lusious but make now mistake about it this is no BULL... it is going to be a blast!

10. Bat spin relay -- with milk in your mouth you spin around 10 times... then race down and try to spit the milk into a cup that is on the head of a teammate...
9. Utter-lusious -- it involves get this gloves, push pins and of course milk... use your imagination
8. Cow tipping
7. Grab bag Dairy style... relay race
6. Gallon challenge... never done before... or never done before tonight?
5. Grab the bull by the horns and pull -- tug of war style... the losers go in the pt of dairy left overs.
4. Ukrainian Stocking freeze tag of Cottage Cheese... if you don't know now it is better not to ask!
3. Parts are parts... is this really from a cow? taste test of death! not really but it rhymes
2. Watch your "Dairy"-air... something with good games and high fives
1. Ice cream gutters... what a better way to end than with a a total distruction of ice cream after total distuction of dairy products.

To partake in the 1st anuul Dare-ya-palozza come to the light house on 9-10-08 6:00-7:30 pm... see you all then... David

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