Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am sitting here at my desk asking myself where the time has gone. no, not just cause it is 6:15 pm, where has the time gone... 2010... is is the middle of Feb all ready and what have i done? shoveled snow... helped so neighbors shovel snow... shoveled more and more snow then finally shoveled snow. this has been a crazy snow filled Feb. i heard back in December that this was going to the the coldest, wettest Feb on record and wow they are so true. Today is Ash wednesday... 46 days till Easter... the time goes by so fast. are we just a passenger of time or are we an active participant of it? i pray that as life goes by i am not just watching from the sidelines but i am on the field playing. we may make mistakes but we are in the game. to quote Ace Ventura... Put me in Coach, i am ready to play. lets go play.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new thoughts

The Journey 2010 was a huge success. There were lots of people... lots of crazy games and events... 2 yes 2 ER visits... God showed up... Attaboy rocked our faces off... rockband... dance pads... basketball... volleyball.. late night retro-track shorts runs and plenty of Red Bulls... people recieved Christ as their savior... friendships were made... healing happened... God broke into peoples lives and changed them... the journey is short but the rewards are eternal. thanks for taking it with us.