Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so there seems to be a lot of ideas floating around about the kid that goes to a christian school which forbids dancing and hand holding and going to the movies... it all seems a bit extreme but is it? to look at it at first glance i would have to agree with 90% of the people out there saying that it is ridiculous... but here is the other side of things... he signed a covenant saying that he would not do those things... he signed it under his own free will... so why is he surprised that they are the school now wants to do something about it? Is it foolish to think that our disobedience has no consequences? Or maybe he thought that it is ok to break the rules if he thinks the rules are stupid or over the top... what happens when he thinks that underage drinking is stupid or go to the extreme say that taking a live is stupid... what happens then? will that ever happen i pray not but it could. this is a good lesson for all of us in that if we disobey, even if we don't really agree with it, then there is an action that comes out of that. say a consequence. I respect the school for suspending him... do i agree with the whole thing... do i think that prom is a big watse of money and there is a lot of stuff our kids are being exposed to that they really don't need to be exposed to. Call me old fashioned or conservitive or whatever... but that is the way i feel. ok... i am done... until next time. Peace